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10 Dec 2023 / 7 Jan 2024

 On Sunday 10 December you are warmly invited to visit the opening of the new group exhibition Soft, Slowly & LOUD.

Marjolein van HaasterenMaayke Schuitema and MariĆ«tte van der Ven bring their worlds together in a joint exhibition at Project 2.0 / Gallery.
From three completely different perspectives they take us into their vision of the world, which they translate in their own unique way.

The range of their expression varies from soft whispers and babbles to insistent and deafeningly confrontational. 
Each of these three artists reveals their craftsmanship through their own artistic disciplines: painting, graphic and sculpture.

The production process is artisanal, takes time and goes through various phases. The artist's love and attention is palpable
in every work of art, resulting in intriguing creations.

Let yourself be carried away into their world and immerse yourself in the rich layers of their artistry and reflection on the world around us.

Project 2.0 / Gallery

Sunday 10 December
15h00 - 17h00 
Noordeinde 57

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